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The Impact of Building Signage on Brand Recognition

Building Signs

Did you know? Your exterior building signs are a powerful marketing partner for your business. Not only does signage outside your facility help get your name out there, but it also supports brand recognition. Your prominent signage makes an impact, and it’s critical to ensure your sign is well-designed and well-crafted so that people remember your business.

At Artisan Signworks in Frisco, TX, we’ll work with you to design, craft, and install impressive building signage that achieves this objective. You can trust us to coordinate even the smallest details associated with bringing your signs to life. With us, all your bases are covered, so that you get complete support in creating memorable signs that showcase your business in the best way.

Why Signage Is Important

There are plenty of reasons, and all of them are crucial. When it comes to marketing, you have to take every step you can to ensure you get your brand and your message across to your target audience. Here’s how these quality signs will support brand recognition for your business:

· Introduce your brand to the community: If you’re a new business in the neighborhood, exterior building signs are essential. These signs will let people know who you are and where you’re located. Your sign could even become someone’s first interaction with your brand, making it critical to invest in quality signage that generates a winning first impression.

· Position your business favorably: Signs outside your facility are an extension of your business. Whether your signs share promotional messages or informative details, they speak volumes about your company. This makes high-quality, professional signage essential to position your business in its best light.

· Connect with prospects: Eye-catching building signage will help new customers find you and let prospects know what you’re all about. Better yet is signage that is crafted with your branding in mind. Your unique logo, graphics, text, and signage colors are what will help your business stand out.

· Stay top of mind with existing customers: Branded signage is also important among existing customers. You can help your business remain top of mind through your signs. As people pass by

your business, they will spot your familiar logo, reminding them that your business is open and available for them to return to again and again.

Connect With Artisan Signworks for Custom Building Signs in Frisco, TX

The professional signage team at Artisan Signworks understands the elements that make signage effective. On top of using quality, durable materials, our team crafts effective custom designs so that your signs stand out.

Between that and our excellent customer service, businesses will experience a seamless process with us. There is nothing to worry about once you partner with Artisan Signworks. We take every project seriously, and with our high-quality materials and the latest technology, we leave clients with premium signage solutions that elevate their brand.

To learn more about our custom building sign options and how we can support your business, get in touch with us today.


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