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Ceiling Signs


Reclaim valuable space either on your storefront or inside your business by taking advantage of underutilized areas, such as the ceiling, for signage. Ceiling signs are an excellent option for clearly displaying your advertisements, guiding customers around your business, and enhancing your user experience. With an unobstructed view, ceiling signs project your branding from above customers, which makes them impactful and easy to see from near and far. Whether you display your business name, logo, or slogan that is unique and easily recognizable, you will maximize your target audience. This is important because 35% of customers miss businesses that do not have proper signage! Make sure your business stands out with ceiling signs!

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We Have All Types of Ceiling Signs

Browse a large selection of advertising, wayfinding, and safety ceiling signs. We have everything from permanent signs to temporary banners. Each business has its own needs and expectations for their signage, and finding the right type of ceiling sign for your business will be a piece of cake for our team. There is no settling for streamlined signage when you work with Artisan Signworks. We will create branded, personalized signs that enhance your brand in Frisco.

Office Ceiling Graphics
Elevate your advertising, wayfinding, branding, seasonal decor, and so much more with this type of signage. Whether you send us the designs or have one of our artists create a personalized design for your business, we will transform your office space with stunning graphics and cost-effective signs. Add vibrant lighting to draw attention to your signs and take the visitor experience to the next level.
Wayfinding Ceiling Signs
Reduce confusion by guiding visitors effortlessly around your premises. Get everything from ceiling arrows to ceiling-mounted directories to make navigating your space easy. Wayfinding is a simple addition to your office space, yet it has a major impact by creating a supportive, efficient workspace. You can also personalize signs with your colors, logo, message, and more when you work with our talented team.
Drop Ceiling Signs

Minimize cost and minimize effort with ceiling signs that can be installed in just a few minutes. No tools or expertise needed–we design our mounting mechanisms to be easy to use. With simple installation, the process of updating your signs with new designs or promotions won’t be a hassle! Let us know what you’re looking for, and our artists will make it happen. 

Another way to ensure your signage is seen, regardless of the lighting conditions or time of day, is to light up your signs! Choose from dozens of lighting options to make your signs stand out and your message easy to read. Keep energy costs in check with energy-efficient LED lighting that conserves energy and performs flawlessly for years.


Use Ceiling Signs Like A Pro

Unlock advertising opportunities, create a positive environment for customers, and highlight your brand with ceiling hanging signs. The uses of ceiling signs are endless, but the following are the benefits that will assist your business grow and succeed first: 

  • Increase sales with ceiling-mounted ads.
  • Display directions to washrooms, conference rooms, and other areas of the business.
  • Label checkout, customer service, and other lanes.
  • Promote sales, discounts, and new products.

Not sure where you should install signs or how to use them? Prepare a custom sign plan for your business with an experienced team that works with supermarkets, shopping complexes, event organizers, and more. The cost of ceiling signs changes depending on the needs and preferences of each business. During our consultation call with you, we’ll learn more about your project, so we can provide you with an accurate quote.

We serve Frisco and other areas outside our own community, including the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area, so be sure to give us a call to book your free consultation today.