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Metal Signs


Did you know that 35% of customers are likely to miss your business if you do not have an outdoor sign? Metal signs are all about making your business stand out from your competitors and creating a memorable first impression by being different. They are long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing, and customizable for your business name, logo, or slogan.

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Learn About the Uses of Metal Signs

Signs are responsible for 50% of the customers that enter your business, which makes signage an extremely important marketing strategy for your Frisco business. Stack the odds in your favor by taking advantage of the following benefits that metal signs offer you:
Damage doesn’t happen easily

Unlike other materials, metal is not susceptible to damage. While wood can be chipped, or canvasses can be torn, metal is resilient, making it the perfect material for both indoor and outdoor signs.

They are easily displayed
Whether your signage is individual letters, a logo, or a graphic, each metal sign we create is easily installed and displayed.
Transportation and storage are a breeze
As most metal signs are flat, they are easily stored or transported to a new location. No need to worry about screws, protruding nails, hooks, or other potentially harmful materials that are required to mount other types of metal signs.
A beautiful aesthetic
The benefit of metal is that it comes in a variety of colors, such as silver, black, copper, and bronze, which allows you to easily mix and match décor with it.

Choosing the Right Type of Metal Signs

Now that you are ready to invest in a metal sign, it is time to choose the type of metal sign that you would like. There are many options, which may seem overwhelming at first, yet each option communicates in its own unique way and has a particular aesthetic. 

Here are a couple options to consider:

Metal Letters

If you’re looking for a way to garner more interest, it is imperative to consider this option. They are a form of 3D signs that can be customized for your business and mounted directly to a wall or building.

Dimensional Signs
This signage option offers a three-dimensional illusion by utilizing layered metal sheets that can be designed and customized with different finishes. They are extremely popular for business signs mounted outdoors or memorable lobby signs, yet they can be used for so much more.
Flat Signs
As suggested, this type of metal is manufactured to be flat, simple, and impactful. It is a budget-friendly choice, which identifies your business in an informative, creative way.
Custom Cut Metal Signs
To stand out from the crowd and attract more attention, choose custom metal signs. This option offers the flexibility to create personalized signage for your business, so you will have a sign that no other customer or business has seen before.

To showcase the flexibility and usability of metal signs, these are multiple instances where Frisco businesses that have utilized this type of signage: 

Let’s Talk Cost

When deciding on the type of sign that is right for your business, it is also important to find a sign that fits your marketing budget. When it comes to the cost of metal signs, it varies depending on numerous factors, such as size, shape, and customization. Our process at Artisan Signworks is to discuss your business needs during our free initial consultation and then provide a quote. The advantage of varying costs is that we will be able to find an aluminum sign that fits both your business needs and budget.

Your Trusted Metal Sign Manufacturer in Frisco, TX

Artisan Signworks is your go-to sign manufacturer in Frisco, as we are known for our custom creations made with the utmost care. As our name suggests, we pride ourselves on being artists and our canvases are signs. We are ready to create the metal sign that drives business growth, attracts more customers, and you’re proud to display. 

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