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Channel Letters


Did you know that a survey showed that 76% of consumers spoke about a business based on its signage? While signs are important for identifying your business, it is much more significant to have signage that stands out from competitors and catches the attention of customers. Channel letters are the perfect way to simultaneously introduce onlookers to your business and demand their attention in a classic, professional way. You may be wondering, “What is a channel letter?” Great question! They are signs with individually built letters that can be used to spell out your business’s name, logo, or slogan. Each letter contains its own lighting and is mounted directly to the wall or roof, which is why they are traditionally outdoor signs. However, they can be used as a bold type of indoor sign as well. There are lots of illumination options to choose from, each providing a premium, upscale look. Take your building signage to the next level with channel letters!

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What Are the Types of Channel Letters?

Create the right effect with the right sign. Choose from one of the largest selections of channel letters in Frisco, which includes but is not limited to:
  • Front-lit channel letters
  • Halo-lit channel letters
  • Backlist channel letters
  • Metal channel letters
  • Acrylic channel letters
Personalize every aspect of the sign, from style and size to materials used. All of the options have one important thing in common: they are highly customizable. This level of personalization allows you to effortlessly incorporate your branding into your signage, which creates a sense of cohesion with other aspects of your business. An additional benefit is that your signage will be highly visible to customers, which encourages them to build brand recognition and thus brand loyalty over time.

What Are the Uses of Channel Letters?

Channel sign letters are more than just a premium sign for your building or front entrance. They are popular for businesses in Frisco because they: 

  • Display the business name and logo in an eye-catching way
  • Offer your business a professional look by enhancing the ambiance
  • Establish brand recognition and credibility in the minds of potential customers
  • Reduce energy bills with LED channel letter signs
  • Promote your business as a premium offering

Want to install channel letters indoors? We build indoor channel letter signs for lobbies, waiting areas, shopping complexes, and more. But remember, the cost of channel letters changes depending on each signage request. From size to number of letters, the quote we offer your business will vary based on many determining factors. We serve businesses large and small, so we understand that signage preferences are dependent on the unique target audience and business needs. We will provide a quote after our initial consultation to offer more insight into the approximate investment required.

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Enjoy responsive service from a team that works collaboratively to bring your vision to life. We will dedicate ourselves to learning more about your business and signage needs, so that we can produce a custom signage solution that makes your business shine. Our team will prove that you’re in the best hands, which means you can focus on your business while our team designs, builds, ships, and installs your sign.

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