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Pylon Sign

Attention-Grabbing Pylon Signs in Frisco

Pylon signs are tall, freestanding structures that are typically mounted on one or multiple poles. This is why they are also known as pole signs or freestanding signs. These signs are commonly used for outdoor advertising and branding purposes.

Outdoor pylon signs can be installed in commercial and retail settings, along highways, and at entrances to businesses or developments. Their main purpose is to increase the visibility of a business and amplify its marketing efforts.

Artisan Signworks is an esteemed manufacturer of pylon signs in Frisco, Texas. We offer a wide range of signage solutions to local businesses and organizations, helping them expand their visibility and attract customers.

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Key Considerations for Pylon Signs

  • Height:- With their towering height, pylon signs are easily visible from a distance, even when surrounded by other structures. The height of a pylon sign can vary depending on visibility requirements, local regulations, and site conditions.
  • Visibility:- Designed to be seen, pylon signs are effective in attracting the attention of passing motorists and pedestrians. Commercial pylon signs often feature large, eye-catching graphics, logos, and text that are easily readable from a distance.
  • Structure:- Outdoor pylon signs are supported by a sturdy metal or aluminum frame that holds one or more sign panels. The sign panels are made from various materials, such as aluminum, acrylic, polycarbonate, or flexible faces, making them long-lasting.
  • Location:- Pylon signs are often situated at entrances or along major thoroughfares to maximize visibility and exposure of businesses. They are commonly located near roadways, highways, shopping centers, malls, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, and other commercial or industrial developments.
  • Customization:- Custom pylon signs are designed to meet the branding and messaging needs of businesses or organizations. A customized pylon sign for a business may feature its logo, name, branding elements, advertising messages, directional information, or other relevant content.
  • Illumination:- Many businesses in Frisco incorporate lighting elements in their pylon signs to enhance visibility, particularly at night. Common lighting options for illuminated pylon signs include internal illumination, such as fluorescent tubes or LED modules, or external lighting fixtures that illuminate the sign panels from below or above.
  • Permitting and Regulations:- The installation of pylon signs is subject to local zoning ordinances and permitting requirements. Consulting local authorities and signage professionals helps businesses ensure compliance with regulations and obtain necessary permits.
  • Maintenance:- Proper maintenance ensures the longevity and effectiveness of pylon signs. This includes regular cleaning, replacement of lighting elements as needed, inspection of structural components, and repairs to any damage caused by weather or vandalism.
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Explore the Benefits Offered by Pylon Signs

Pylon signs offer several advantages to businesses and organizations, which increases the impact of their investment. These signs serve as a powerful tool for increasing visibility, attracting customers, and reinforcing brand identity in the marketplace. The following are additional benefits that your business can unlock:

  • High visibility
  • Brand awareness
  • Increased foot traffic
  • 24/7 advertising
  • Flexibility and customization
  • Cost-effective marketing
  • Versatility
  • Local regulations compliance
  • Longevity


Finding Pylon Signs “Near Me” in Frisco, TX

Artisan Signworks is the one-stop-shop for businesses and organizations looking for eye-catching pylon signs in Frisco. We are always ready to take on new clients and produce beautifully customized sign solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore & find answers to your queries about our signage products/services ordering process, materials used, installation, maintenance, and more.

Whether you choose a single-pole or double-pole mount, the main difference is the covering. A pole sign has a pole that is exposed and not decorated, whereas a pylon sign has an enclosed pole that can be a part of the sign’s design. A pole sign is more cost-effective but is less visually appealing than a pylon sign.

The cost of each pylon sign will vary depending on its size, materials, and additional factors. The average cost range for a pylon sign is from $8,000 to $200,000. Book a free consultation with us to discuss the details of, and quote for, your pylon sign project.

Pylon signs can range anywhere from 20 to 80 feet in height. The height you select depends on your needs, the surrounding areas, and the distance from which you want the sign to be visible. This type of signage is an excellent way to become visible and a prominent brand in the community.

The main difference between monument signs and pylon signs are their height. Monument signs are installed at ground level and are used for identification and wayfinding purposes, whereas pylon signs range from 20-80 feet tall and are used for wayfinding and advertising purposes.

A digital pylon sign features an LED screen as its sign face. You’ll be able to program promotional and informative messages for this screen and change them as frequently as needed. LED screens are eye-catching and offer you flexibility in displaying custom messages that can be seen 24/7.

The sign mount is often crafted from steel, aluminum, and other durable materials. When it comes to the sign face, we can choose the materials based on the specifics of your project; often acrylic or aluminum are chosen due to their durability and professional visual appeal.

Pylon signage serves a wide range of purposes whether you’re a single business or the owner of a multi-tenant complex. Businesses use these signs to:

  • Increase brand visibility
  • Attract attention from local motorists and passersby
  • Display details of promotions and offerings
  • Provide wayfinding assistance
  • Identify businesses in a multi-tenant complex

Since pylon signs can be seen from a distance, they make a business increasingly visible. These signs are especially important if your business is in a busy area or if your facility is hidden among other buildings or infrastructure. Their height offers constant support to potential customers to find your location quickly and easily.

Pylon signs are crafted to be anywhere from 20 to 80 feet tall, which makes them effective promotional and wayfinding tools for people in your local area. Additional features, such as illumination and/or an LED screen, can make your signs even more eye-catching, which grabs customers attention effortlessly.

Pylon signs are the only sign solution that offers such the height necessary to be seen from great distances. They can be seen from pedestrians on nearby streets or motorists on freeways. This visibility lets people know that your business is present and available to serve them. Pylon signs also act as a wayfinding tool.

Client Testimonials

Julia Henricks
Julia Henricks
Used Artisan Signworks for my business's signs and they did an absolutely amazing job. The signs look great, the install was quick easy and clean, and the people were all amazing to work with. Happy to work with a local business that did such good work!
Harry Tran
Harry Tran
It was a great pleasure to partner with Pete for the design of our banners and displays for our trade shows. Pete was highly knowledgable with great advice and recommendations to ensure that our displays were appealing and of high quality. His customer service was quick but exceptional. I recommend Artisan Signworks and look forward to making my next design order with them!
William Cisco
William Cisco
If you want a sign that will truly reflect your business, call Pete. He is creative and will do a great job and is personable and easy to work with.
Revolution Chiropractic
Revolution Chiropractic
Pete at Artisan Sign will make your business get noticed. If you're looking for a serious about your work mixed with a friendly and personable personality you've got to give him a try.
Professional and knowledgeable. Pete Foster takes the extra time to listen to be sure his client is getting the exact product that they expect and deserve. Highly recommend!
Larry Kozeny
Larry Kozeny
I was at a presentation by Pete Foster of Artisan Signworks. I was amazed at all of the thought , planning, and effort that Pete puts into the creation of each sign. All of that quality for a great price.
Harold McLeod
Harold McLeod
I've had the pleasure to work with Pete on a few projects. He's a top-notch professional and I highly recommend he and his company.
Rick Scott
Rick Scott
Peter with Artisan sign works is a prolific designer and customer centric person. With focus on customer and the design setting their business apart from others.
Pete is a man who pays attention to the little details to make sure everything he creates is right. If you are looking great quality go with Artisan Signworks!