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Monument Signs

Monument Signs in Frisco

Are you looking for a high-quality outdoor sign that combines functionality with beauty? Look no further than personalized monument signs from Artisan Signworks.

As their name implies, these freestanding signs quickly become landmarks in the local community. Constructed from brick, stone, wood, and poured concrete, monument signs are striking additions that enhance a location’s surrounding landscape.

Our sign artists are ready to embark on a journey with you to unlock the full potential of these signs. Partner with us to explore all the creative possibilities.

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Where are Custom Monument Signs in Frisco Used?

We partner with local businesses across diverse industries to create unique and engaging signage. Monument signs are extremely versatile and have numerous applications. These signs can be found in the following locations:

  • Shopping Malls
  • Restaurants
  • Professional Offices
  • Banquet Halls
  • Recreation Facilities
  • Government Building
  • Hospitals
  • Golf Courses
  • Schools and Campuses
  • Places of Worship

Explore Types of Monument Signage

  • Modern Monument Signs:- Monument signs are highly customizable, allowing our clients to create a traditional style or a more contemporary one to suit their branding. Modern monument signage can incorporate digital displays, bold architecture, and mixed media designs to communicate innovation to passersby.
  • Illuminated Monument Signs:- Light-up signs offer businesses unparalleled visibility. When combined with the freestanding structure of monument signs, businesses can create their own personal beacons that attract customers’ attention from miles away. Install front-lit or backlit letters to get messages seen by a target market.
  • Brick Monument Signs:- Brick signs are a durable, timeless option that subtly communicates a business’s strength and longevity. Select a brick color that complements your building and the surrounding environment for a cohesive look that’s sure to impress visitors.
  • Wayfinding Monument Signs:- The size and structure of monument signage make them ideal for communicating directions to visitors. Place these signs near parking lot entrances and throughout a location’s premises to guide people to their destination easily.

Discover the Benefits of Commercial Monument Signs

When businesses partner with a professional sign company, they gain more than expertly crafted signage. Learn more about the advantages of premium outdoor signs here:

  • Make Stunning First Impressions:- Customers in Frisco often form an opinion about a business even before they set foot inside an establishment. Ensure every interaction begins on the right note with a sophisticated sign that communicates professionalism. Our team can craft beautiful signage that is guaranteed to make a lasting impact on everyone who sees it.
  • Extend Companies’ Branding:- Monument signs for business are powerful branding tools. With these signs, companies can effectively reinforce their branding campaigns, especially if they are located on vast lots or set back from the road. Customize monument signs with logos, company colors, and wordmarks to amplify a business’s presence.
  • Develop Strategic Wayfinding:- Hospitals, housing complexes, and shopping malls all rely on monument signs to direct visitors to the correct entrance. These freestanding signs are highly useful and can be used as exterior information kiosks. Customers and guests will be relieved when they can navigate effortlessly to their destination, which could lead to repeat visits and referrals.


Looking for Monument Signs “Near Me?”

Artisan Signworks is proud to partner with local businesses in Frisco to develop imaginative signage that shapes the community’s landscape.

With their prestige and undeniable presence, monument signs stand out from other exterior signage options to provide businesses with an elegant solution. Our full-service company can design, manufacture, and install these signs for your business, ensuring they exceed your expectations.

Give us a call to book a consultation for a custom project today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore & find answers to your queries about our signage products/services ordering process, materials used, installation, maintenance, and more.

Sign maintenance and repair are services we offer, if you find your monument sign needs professional support. However, to clean your monument sign yourself, remove any debris, wet the sign with warm water, and gently scrub away any dirt in a circular motion. Rinse the sign with water thoroughly when clean.

A monument style sign is a large, freestanding sign that’s typically placed at ground level near the entrance of a business or near a roadway. Its size and location make it a prominent business marker that’s highly visible and generates attention. Durable, high-quality materials allow this sign to withstand the elements outdoors and complement its surroundings.

Several factors contribute to the cost of a monument sign, including its size, materials, illumination features, and more. They can range from $4,000 to $15,000. We’re committed to working with you to find the right type of monument sign for your needs and budget. We will offer a quote during your consultation.

A pylon sign is a large sign that stands anywhere from 10 to 80 feet tall. It’s made with one or two supporting pillars with a large sign mounted on top, which can be seen from afar. A monument sign is installed close to the ground and are better seen from a short distance.

When monument signs are manufactured with durable, high-quality materials, which we always use, they can be expected to last for many years. Premium materials, such as stone, metal, or concrete, look incredible and withstand harsh elements. We can discuss the lifespan of your sign specifically during your consultation.

The production process will vary depending on the specifics of your monument signs. We’ll be able to provide you with a better estimate on the timeline of your project once we know more details. Connect with us to book a free consultation and get started. We’d be happy to provide you with a quote and timeline for your monument sign during your consultation.

The main benefit of monument signs is their size, as it makes them highly visible. Additional benefits include:

  • Drawing attention to your business.
  • Making your location a landmark.
  • Giving customers important information.
  • Leaving a lasting impact so your business is memorable.
  • Crafting a sign with the exact size, shape, and style that suits your needs.

The best materials for monument signs are metal, stone, concrete, aluminum, and plastic, as they are long-lasting and durable. However, your sign’s design, location, and budget affect the material selections for your project. We will consult with you and provide our expert recommendations on what materials will work best.

We offer several types of monument signs for your business: 

  • Brick monument signs: Crafted from heavy-duty brick.
  • Electronic monument signs: Broadcast messages in real-time.
  • Foam monument signs: A lower-cost, lightweight sign.
  • Pylon monument signs: Perfect to showcase a business directory.
  • Post and panel monument signs: Display important information on the sign’s panel.

A monument sign can help a business in several ways, such as:

  • Sharing company information
  • Attracting attention in the community
  • Landmarking your location
  • Advertising your brand, events, or promotions
  • Offering directions to your business
  • Displaying custom updates, messages, or greetings

Client Testimonials

Julia Henricks
Julia Henricks
Used Artisan Signworks for my business's signs and they did an absolutely amazing job. The signs look great, the install was quick easy and clean, and the people were all amazing to work with. Happy to work with a local business that did such good work!
Harry Tran
Harry Tran
It was a great pleasure to partner with Pete for the design of our banners and displays for our trade shows. Pete was highly knowledgable with great advice and recommendations to ensure that our displays were appealing and of high quality. His customer service was quick but exceptional. I recommend Artisan Signworks and look forward to making my next design order with them!
William Cisco
William Cisco
If you want a sign that will truly reflect your business, call Pete. He is creative and will do a great job and is personable and easy to work with.
Revolution Chiropractic
Revolution Chiropractic
Pete at Artisan Sign will make your business get noticed. If you're looking for a serious about your work mixed with a friendly and personable personality you've got to give him a try.
Professional and knowledgeable. Pete Foster takes the extra time to listen to be sure his client is getting the exact product that they expect and deserve. Highly recommend!
Larry Kozeny
Larry Kozeny
I was at a presentation by Pete Foster of Artisan Signworks. I was amazed at all of the thought , planning, and effort that Pete puts into the creation of each sign. All of that quality for a great price.
Harold McLeod
Harold McLeod
I've had the pleasure to work with Pete on a few projects. He's a top-notch professional and I highly recommend he and his company.
Rick Scott
Rick Scott
Peter with Artisan sign works is a prolific designer and customer centric person. With focus on customer and the design setting their business apart from others.
Pete is a man who pays attention to the little details to make sure everything he creates is right. If you are looking great quality go with Artisan Signworks!