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Truck Wraps

Truck Wraps in Frisco

Did you know that in a survey roughly 60% of businesses reported that altering the design or accentuating the visibility of their signage had a positive impact on sales, the number of transactions, and their overall profits, by an average increase of approximately 10%? If your business has company vehicles or a fleet, you should seriously consider truck wraps as your next marketing strategy. Gaining in popularity, this advertising method is effective, impactful, and mobile, which will widen your target audience and boost your sales. Truck wraps are a series of decals made from vinyl that are placed on the outside of a truck or van. They are meant to transform the vehicle into an advertising machine that can take your business’s marketing on the road.

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Discover the Many Types of Vehicle Wraps

The kinds of trucks that you have and the type of advertisement you’re looking to create helps to determine the type of commercial truck wrap that will work best. Our talented team is also ready to jump in and lend a helping hand if you’re not quite sure what you are looking for.

The following is a basic guide of the trucks wraps you can choose from:

Partial wraps
Want to cover only the most visible parts of your trucks? Be selective about the graphics, images, colors, and text that you include within your wraps and maximize the truck’s wrap to your advantage.
Full wraps
If you’re looking to outfit your trucks head-to-toe, then a full wrap is for you. This vinyl covering will envelope your vehicle in a beautifully designed graphic, protecting the original paint and helping to garner attention.
Food truck wraps
This kind of wrap attracts customers to make purchases, as well as informs them of your business for future occasions. Also, the next time they see your graphics, they will recognize your brand, which creates brand loyalty.
Truck graphics
Like individual stickers, this option is perfect if you’re dipping your toes into truck wraps. These decals can be placed in the most optimal positions as well to ensure maximum visibility.
Box truck wraps
This option is like creating your own personal billboard on wheels. Box trucks have so much real estate to design and cover that your advertisement would be difficult to miss both on and off the roads.

The cost of truck wraps is determined by several factors, such as the type of wrap, the kind of truck being wrapped, the level of customization, the graphics being included, and so much more. This causes the cost to vary. We are happy to provide you with a quote after a design consultation, where we learn more about your business and what you’re looking for. 

How to Benefit Most from Your Vehicle Wraps

Here are the best uses for your vinyl truck wraps:

Boost your brand
Incorporating brand elements into all your vehicle wraps is the perfect way to introduce potential customers to your brand, build brand recognition, and foster loyalty at every opportunity.
Protect your vehicles
Did you know that the vinyl covering for truck wraps protects the original paint of the vehicle and maintains near mint condition? Don’t worry about scratches, sun damage, or abrasions when your vehicles are protected by durable vinyl coverings.
Wraps can last for up to five years, which means your investment is long-term and cost-effective overall. Choose the right advertisement and reap the most rewards.
Improve its appearance

Some car colors or aesthetics are not visually appealing, but the benefits of the car outweigh the appearance. However, now you can have your cake and eat it too by using a vehicle wrap to upgrade the aesthetic of the truck.

Duplication is easy
Do you have a full fleet of trucks that you would like identically customized? No problem with truck wraps. The design can be easily duplicated and applied to vinyl coverings, whereas, with paint jobs, there is no guarantee for identical results.

Finding Beautiful Impactful Vehicle Wraps in Frisco, TX

Whether you’re looking for a trailer truck wrap or truck wraps in Frisco, Artisan Signworks is ready to help! Our full-service sign shop in Frisco is equipped with state-of-the-art design tools and a talented team of communicative, friendly artists, creators, and sign makers. 

We pride ourselves on providing world-class service to all our clients, which involves communicating each step of the process, treating your business as our own, and showing you that your signage is in great hands.

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