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Enhance Your Company’s Image with Eye-Catching Storefront Signs

Storefront Signs

It’s only natural that you want all eyes on your business in the community. With more attention you could be attracting new customers, encouraging repeat customers, and boosting sales for your business.

The question, though, is how to do this effectively and at a time when passersby are right outside your facility?

Keep reading to learn how storefront signs are an influential marketing tool that can enhance your company’s image and get more eyes on your business.

Take Advantage of Storefront Signage to Boost Your Business Image

There are a wide range of sign types available, allowing you to get creative with your signage combinations, designs, and placement. In addition, all the signs afford you control over their customization. Their size, shape, and creative elements can all be uniquely crafted to give you more branding power at the forefront of your business.

Here are the benefits you can look forward to with a range of storefront signs:

Identify and Landmark Your Business

Prominent signage, such as channel letters, awning signs, lighted signs, and more, offer creative ways to be influential. These signs are strategically designed, installed, and sometimes illuminated to draw more attention to your business. In doing so, they effectively identify where you’re located and create a powerful brand presence in the community that landmarks your business. Making your location prominently known is key to boosting your image and bringing more people to your business.

Enhance Your Storefront’s Appeal

A combination of custom storefront signs will make your business exterior hard to miss. As you develop a signage strategy, consider the various types of signs available, their uses, and how each aligns with your goal. You may want to start with one prominent sign, which displays your wordmark and/or logo, and then add two or three smaller signs to complement it. An example of complementary signs are window decals that list your hours of operation and a hanging sign that identifies if you’re open.

Educate New, Potential Customers

Whether you’re a new business or one that’s been around for years, there’s always an opportunity to bring in new customers. Informational signs, such as banners and window signs, offer you the ability to display more details about your company. You can let people know what you have to offer, how long you’ve been in business, and other unique selling points that will position you favorably and create a great impression in the community.

Pique Interests and Entice People to Step Inside

Storefront signage is a powerful marketing tool purely because of where it’s placed. Your signs will connect with passersby when they’re right outside of your establishment and able to step inside. When designing your signs, it is critical to consider what design elements will appeal to their interests and capture their attention. Consider hanging signs or window graphics to showcase your best-selling items, niche products, or popular services to compel passersby to do business with you.

Request Custom Storefront Signs for Your Business

Designing, crafting, and installing the right combination of signs requires expert insight. In Frisco, TX, you can count on Artisan Signworks to guide you in developing an effective signage strategy for your storefront. We’ll consider the details of your location, facility, and exterior to provide you with signs that are eye-catching.

With more eyes on your business thanks to our impressive, quality signs, you’ll certainly enhance your company’s image, which has the power to draw more customers to your business and even increase your sales. Request a free consultation to learn more and begin your signage project with us today.


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