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Crisp Elegance: Elevating Your Message with Acrylic Signs

Acrylic Signs

Signs represent a key element in branding for businesses. Well-crafted signs also increase the attractiveness of your business and create a compelling reason for viewers to learn more about your brand.  It is not just about throwing your logo up on a wall.  Signs can certainly convey that information, but truly great signs also convey a sentiment about your business.  They take the viewer from simply thinking about your business to feeling something about your company and establishing a meaningful connection. Finding ways to elevate your signage is essential to the overall effectiveness of it for your business.

If you’re looking for a sign type that creates a chic, professional image, acrylic signs are a top choice. These signs have an enormous impact on a wide range of businesses, such as offices, clinics, and restaurants, who seek to establish a connection with their customers and create a positive feeling about the company.  This is much more than simply conveying the name of your business.

Acrylic signs are versatile, infinitely customizable and can dress-up or dress-down depending on the aesthetic you seek in representing your brand.  In this blog, we will delve deeper into how these impactful signs enhance a business’s ability to communicate with customers and elevate its brand.

Why Choose Acrylic Signs for Your Business?

As many business owners know, there are countless sign solutions to choose from when creating a cohesive signage system, both inside and outside a business. This begs the question, “why acrylic signs?”

Acrylic offers numerous benefits.  And the makers at Artisan Signworks are happy to assist you in designing a sign that harnesses all the benefits this amazing material offers.  

Here are five ways that these signs will elevate your message:

  • Modernize Your Business Message: Each business has a unique message they aim to convey to their target audience. and you simply cannot beat the glass-like appearance of acrylic signs.  Signs made of acrylic can be strikingly modern and up-scale to warm and homey, and everything in-between.  Acrylic also eliminates the risks and durability concerns of using glass to manufacture your signs.
  • Get the Most Exposure: Many materials are limited in where they can be used.  And many materials cannot be used both indoors and outdoors. Because of the durability of acrylic, it can be used both inside, or out, and withstands weather, water and other environmental factors that cause signs of other materials to fail. Regardless of where it is placed, acrylic will reliably communicate with your users while retaining its beautiful appearance.
  • Endless Signage Options: The type of message you want to display directly impacts the type of custom acrylic signs that will be most effective. Choose from countless options to determine how to best make your message stand out, such as frosted acrylic signs, dimensional signage, contour-cut signage, and more.
  • Add Illumination: To attract even more attention, consider adding illumination to your signs. A variety of lighting options will make your signs visible from afar, ensuring your message is seen easily.
  • Durability and Longevity: You can rely on your acrylic signs for years given the strength and durability of the material. Acrylic is shock resistant, so even if your signs encounter bumps, they will continue to support your brand and show customers that your business is here to stay.

Use Custom Acrylic Signs to Set Your Business Apart

The sky’s the limit when it comes to crafting custom signs with your unique business message. Our team at Artisan Signworks will walk you through all your options, providing tailored recommendations based on your business needs and goals. This ensures they are crafted to make the most significant impact on your target audience.

To learn more or get started, reach out to us to request a free signage consultation today.


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