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Stand Out with Channel Letter Signs: The Ultimate Guide to Customizing Your Business Signage

Channel Letter Signs: The Ultimate Guide to Customize Signage

Even if you haven’t heard the name “channel letter signs” before, it’s likely that you’re familiar with this type of signage solution. While it can be used indoors, this type of sign is often used outside — commonly above a business entrance. It typically spells out the company’s name to help brand the facility and let people know where they’re located.

If you’re in the market for an outdoor sign to draw attention to your business, this sign type is one to consider. Why? Because it offers so many options for customization to get just the right style to suit your business. With the support of our knowledgeable team at Artisan Signworks in Frisco, TX, here’s how you can customize your signage to stand out:

Represent Your Brand Colors on Outdoor Sign Letters

Do you associate certain brands with specific colors? If you’re familiar with that brand’s name or logo, you’re likely recalling the colors that are used prominently. This is why the colors used in your sign have a powerful impact when it comes to brand recall. Rather than selecting random colors to feature on your signs, you’ll benefit by customizing your signs with your company’s existing brand colors to help people recognize and remember your business.

Choose Custom Fonts for Your Channel Letters

Generic signs with plain fonts can serve a purpose for some sign types. However, when it comes to a storefront sign that landmarks your location in the community, custom fonts are key. Your sign is sure to stand out from all the rest when it displays a unique font that’s specific to your branding and wordmark. Similar to color selection for your signs, using fonts on your sign that align with your existing branding will help support brand recall and consistency in your marketing.  Artisan Signworks can help you determine the right font and make sure your selection is compatible with the type of sign you want to install.

Showcase Your Company Logo on Your Sign

Take your letter sign one step further with your business logo. This could be a key feature on your sign that boosts its visibility and allows your sign to be recognizable from a distance. In addition to using custom colors and fonts, including your business logo will make it unique, helping you separate yourself from the competition.

Select Illumination Options for LED Channel Letters

Different types of lighting options will keep your signs shining bright so that your business is recognizable at night and in poor weather. Depending on the specific look you’re hoping to achieve for your signs, you can select from different types of illumination, such as front-lit, Halo-lit, etc. A properly lit sign also offers you 24-hour visibility, which is always a huge plus.

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Are you looking for channel letter signs near you? If you are, we’ve got you covered. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the options or how to customize your sign for the best results, connect with us. At Artisan Signworks, we’ll support you with quality signage solutions to help your business stand out. Connect with us today!


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