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The Architectural Beauty and Significance of Monument Signs

Monument signs

A striking, well-positioned outdoor sign is one that will be set to garner attention for your business. When you think about how many individuals pass by your business location, you simply cannot afford to miss out on an impactful sign that will catch their eye.

Custom monument signs are a versatile sign option to consider as they cater to a wide range of needs. This versatility makes them an excellent choice for businesses looking to pique attention from passersby, enhancing their visibility and leaving a lasting impression.

In this blog we’ll explore the architectural features and benefits of several types of signs.

Brick Monument Signs

Signs crafted from brick can be considered a more traditional sign type, but don’t let that deter you. The benefit of a sign that’s constructed from brick is that it can be designed and manufactured to accent your building’s façade. In addition, signs crafted from brick are durable, heavy-duty, and built to be a long-term sign that you can rely on as a powerful marketing tool for years to come.

Electronic Monument Signs

Both classic and modern advertising converge in this type of sign. It features an electronic message board, allowing you to customize your messages and change them when needed. Whether you want to share a service update, product announcement, or seasonal message, you can do so prominently, ensuring passersby will take notice.

Foam Monument Signage

Signs crafted from foam are a lower-cost alternative to other sign types as they can be crafted to replicate the look and style of brick, concrete, and more materials. Foam is a lightweight material but also one that’s long-lasting. So, if a brick or concrete sign isn’t within your budget, signs crafted from foam make an excellent choice.

Pylon Monument Signage

Multi-tenant facilities or businesses with multiple departments benefit from pylon signs. They are crafted to not only be striking and impressive, like other monument signs, but they also include a listing. Whether you need to showcase various businesses or departments on site, or offer wayfinding information and directions, a pylon sign affords you the space and visibility to do so effectively.

Custom Monument Signs

Custom sign options give you complete control in personalizing each and every aspect of your sign so that it aligns with exactly what you need. The size, shape, materials, messaging, lighting, and more features can all be customized so that you have a sign that meets your branding, budgeting, and marketing goals.

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